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We would like to share this collection of splendid murals with as many fellow enthusiasts, students, scholars, and tourists, as possible.
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Anna L. Dallapiccola
Honorary Professor of Indian Art
University of Edinburgh

Fausta Eskenazi
South Asia gallerist


It is our duty to preserve for future generations as much as possible of this magnificent and  rapidly vanishing cultural heritage.


The field trips undertaken by Anna L. Dallapiccola over a number of years to collect this photographic documentation would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of John and Fausta Eskenazi.

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Malevolent spirits that roam at night assuming many forms at will. They are described as raw flesh-eaters, having deformed limbs, sharp claws and side-fangs. They play a prominent role in Hindu mythology and folklore.

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It has been suggested that the asuras represent the dark side of the gods. There is an eternal conflict between the gods and the equally powerful asuras. There are, however, some asuras that are devotees of the gods, such as Ravana, a great follower of Shiva.

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Kanda Puranam

Kanda Puranam

The authoritative Tamil canonical text of the myths of god Murugan (Skanda). Its content are mostly myths relating to the deity current in the region of southern Andhra Pradesh and northern Tamil Nadu.

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